Past Chapter Presidents

73December 2023 Austin B. Cave
72April 2023November 2023George M. Kearns
71December 2022April 2023Jake G. Dembski
70January 2020December 2022Alex A. Keadle
69December 2019January 2020Garrett H. Ward
68January 2018December 2019Zach J. Sweetman
67January 2017January 2018Spencer Harris
66January 2016January 2017Andrew T. Silek
64January 2014January 2014Andrew Finegan
65January 2014January 2016Brian V. Buscemi
63December 2012January 2014Ryan T. Bannister
62December 2011December 2012Michael W. Scipione
61December 2010December 2011James M. Watts
60December 2008December 2010Gregory M. Fornshell
59December 2007December 2008Vlad L. Pop
58January 2006December 2007Jason P. Vorenkamp
57December 2004January 2006Jason K. Rebucci
56December 2003December 2004Edward A. Warner III
55November 2002December 2003Jeremy H. Barefoot
54December 2001November 2002John C. Meade
53May 2001December 2001Jeremy D. Ingle
52December 1999March 2001Eric A. Worth
51November 1998December 1999Robert M. Poncin III
50January 1998November 1998Brent A. Vaughan
49December 1996January 1998Eric C. Long
48March 1996December 1996Christopher J. Key
47February 1996March 1996David H. Cline
46April 1995February 1996Erik M. Johnson
45August 1994November 1994Scott H. Digby
44December 1993August 1994Anthony L. Chavis
43March 1993December 1993Patrick Faulkner II
42February 1993 Patrick Faulkner II
41December 1991 Todd Holmes
39January 1991 Francis G. Sloan III
40January 1991 Jason S. Cronin
38January 1990 William L. Holmes
36January 1989 Kevin L. Simmons
37January 1989 William L. Holmes
35January 1988 Drew C. Smith, Jr.
34January 1987 J. Tom Potter III
33January 1986 Jonathan R. Drake
32January 1985 David G. Moretz
31January 1984 Joseph B. Mercer, Jr.
30January 1983 Raymond D. Barrows
29January 1982 Kevin L. Moore
28January 1981 Fred F. Miller Jr.
27January 1980 Eric G. Baule
26January 1979 James A. Pinyan
25January 1978 John T. Smith, Jr.
23January 1977 Barry L. Sigmon
24January 1977 Randy R. Cook
22January 1976 Jerry C. Foushee
20January 1975 David T. Henderson
21January 1975 Richard S. Walker
19January 1974 Harold W. Goff, Jr.
17January 1973 Richard J. Curran
18January 1973 Timothy B. Thornton
15January 1971 Francis P. Koisch, Jr.
16January 1971 Fredrick H. Baggott
14January 1970 Paul R. Kinzie
13January 1969 David L. Hartsough
12January 1968 William C. Jones
11January 1967 Christopher Koszewski
10January 1966 William A. Waldron, Jr.
9January 1965 Joseph L. Moore, Jr.
8January 1964 Donald R. Schort, Jr.
7January 1963 Charles A. Riedell
6January 1962 Billy O. Jones
5January 1961 Gordon R. Bond
4January 1959 Stephen S. Koszewski, Jr.
3January 1958 Donald F. Farley
2January 1952December 1952Charles J. Moore
1  Jeffrey D. Skalka

The Beta-Beta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at North Carolina State University was installed as a chapter on January 18, 1947.

Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character.

Our mission is to "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.